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General Prayer equests: Development of 2022 Vision — Key Associations / Effective relationships (prayer focus the 20th of each month) ACU  Advisors and Supporters ACU partner ministries Continued progress in establishing Christian Financial Accountability (CFA) Resolution of land issues Expanded / Improved network with supporters (prayer and financial) General Prayer Items: Effective Ministry – Salt & Light Christian Financial Accountability – Nigerian Church becomes Salt & Light (not under a bushel) Hope Ministry: wisdom regarding grants to new ministries Funding in God’s time in God’s way CDF Volunteers, Staff, Board Members & Management Wisdom to understand and follow God’s strategy, sensitive to spirit Spiritual growth.  Physical safety, protection & provision. That the body of Christ in Nigeria may be one in the Lord, united to fulfill His ministries Previous praise Items can be found in Previous Answers to Prayers (2014-2000) & CDF in Action.

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