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US Dollar Contributions (tax deductible – 501(3)c organization)

Give check or cash to a designated CDF representative or mail to US address below.
Make check out to “Christian Development Foundation”
US Address: 6317 Estates Lane, Fort Worth, Tx 76137.

Nehemiah Campaign

The Nehemiah campaign is designed to provide seed funds that support teams doing a variety of activities.   The funds support additional training, expanding ongoing community programs, developing curriculum and pursuing government registrations.

Christian Development Foundation (CDF)

Providing people the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential through education, training and skill development.

We also have programs to meet physical and emotional needs, regardless of religion.

Imala Vocational School Expansion

Providence Academy opened in 2019 with its “Introduction to farm management” certificate program. The Academy was recently expanded to include a media program. Both certificate programs are certified by STAR University. These programs cannot meet demand due to temporary dormitory limitations, where only 16 resident students can be accommodated.

Covid-19 Feeding Nigeria

  • Feeding the poor

Naira Contributions :


Give check or cash to a designated CDF representative, address below. Make check out to “Christian Development Foundation”.

Nigeria Address: 142 Oba Akran Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

a) SCHOLARSHIP student support for Student/Farmer  AND Student/Digital Media Programs.We are planning for 38 new students intake for the 2021 year.$100/month will keep a student and his farm or media  learing tools going.The program run from 9-11 months.


b) Our FIRST Phase 20- bed DORMITORY NEEDS and completion.The dorm hall has been built but requires  necessary fixtures and fittings.The beds,power needs.and accessories -currently estimated at $20,000.

Commitment to Supporters

Confidentiality: All gifts will be held in strictest confidence. Knowledge of who gives, and how much they give, will be limited to what is required to ensure appropriate accounting practices and controls.

Accountability: We commit to carefully record all transactions and to diligently ensure that funds are only used as designated and always fulfilling the Purpose, Aim and Objectives of CDF. (CDF objectives include a commitment to work to comply with the Financial Accountability Standards. CDF is primarily a volunteer organization with most of its professional service being contributed. As such, our objective is to keep administration costs at less than 10% of total contributions