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The Christian Development Foundation (CDF) is a Christ-centered organization dedicated to supporting ministries of the body of Christ, assisting them as they seek to be a godly influence in our world.


Demonstrating God’s love by helping others develop!


  1. To support Christian Projects & Programs that focus on.  (i) Christian Education: Providing Christians (children and adults, rich and poor) the opportunity to achieve their God-given potential through education, training and skill development (ii) Christian Service: Meeting the physical and emotional needs of Christians and non-Christians. (iii) Evangelism: Sharing the gospel with the unsaved through Christian service ministries.
  2. To support projects and programs by assisting with ministry start-up and facilitating synergies between ministries:
    • Providing shared services
    • Providing land and / or facilities
    • Providing funds and / or soliciting and collecting funds on behalf of each project
    • Providing expertise and consultation
  3. To manage the Foundation in accordance with biblical principles, prayerfully seeking and waiting on God’s directions
  4. To promote biblical unity within the body of Christ by focusing on projects that involve churches and denominations working in partnership.
  5. To exemplify Christ by carrying out the activities of the Foundation with the utmost moral and ethical integrity. To deal honestly and fairly with all people and organizations.
  6. To comply with the Standards of Christian Financial Accountability, properly recording transactions according to accepted accounting principles, making financial statements available to interested parties.

Fund Raising Principles

All CDF volunteers and employees raising funds on behalf of CDF are instructed to conduct fund raising activities based on the following principles.

God’s Work, God’s Way

God’s Way: We commit to work to ensure all activities are conducted in “God’s way”, bringing honor and glory to Him. We will strive to trust only in Him, not in our own insight (Prov 3:5-6).

God’s Direction: We will regularly pray to seek God’s direction. We believe we will have peace and harmony when we are following God’s will (Col 4:12-15). When we identify disharmony, we will wait on the Lord before proceeding. We will work to resolve controversies in a biblical way (Matt 18:15-16).

God’s Conviction: We recognize the role of the Holy Spirit and will leave convicting and convincing to Him. We will encourage others to “good works” by providing information on opportunities. We want giving to be from a joyful heart, not out of compulsion. (Heb 10:24, II Cor 9:7)

God’s Glory: We recognize giving is an act of worship, that all gifts are from the Lord and He deserves the thanks and glory. (II Chron 29:14)

Personal Faithfulness

Relationship with God First: Individuals working on behalf of CDF confessed to be Christians who commit to put Him first in all they do. Our relationship to Him is first and foremost (Matt 6:33).

Personal Representatives: As representatives of Christ we commit to be faithful representatives, working heartily, with integrity (Col 3:23, Prov 22:1), showing our faith through love (John 13:35).

Commitment to Supporters

Confidentiality: All gifts will be held in strictest confidence. Knowledge of who gives, and how much they give, will be limited to what is required to ensure appropriate accounting practices and controls. (Matt 6:1-4)

Accountability: We commit to carefully record all transactions and diligently ensure that funds are only used as designated and always fulfilling the Purpose, Aim and Objectives of CDF. (Eph 4:15, Ezra 8:34)  (Note:  CDF is primarily a volunteer organization with most of its professional service being contributed. As such, our objective is to keep administration costs at less than 5% of total contributions.)

Prayer: We commit to pray for CDF projects, the project supporters, its leaders and workers with the expectation that God will make all grace abound toward all involved (II Cor 9:8-11)

The board of CDF has developed these principles based on God’s word. If you identify any activities or approaches, ongoing or planned, that seem to be counter to these principles, please discuss your concerns with a CDF representative or one of its board members.



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