Doing God's Work; God's Way!

Home Prayer Points

Current (from Monthly Prayer Letter)

  • Final preparations for meeting with governor.  Favor!
  • Missionary Housing and Clinic Construction Projects.   Greenhouse and Research Farm Agreements.
  • Resolution of Fulani Ranch issues …. Successful kickoff of the Schools for Africa program.
  • Kickoff of Committee of 1000 and ongoing planning for ACU

Key Activities and Programs

  • Community programs: Feeding the poor, Church leader development, Health Care, Community Farm, Periodic Adult and Children Education programs
  • Providence Academy: Vocational programs (Agriculture, Media) – Partnership with STAR University
  • Africa Christian University planning – early work with partner organizations
  • Land gift management – work with commercial partners to use land pending future project needs
  • Helping connect US Christians with Indigenous Ministries (e.g., Virtual Missions Conferences)

Capital Projects

  • Missionary Guest House / Housing (Starting construction of first of four)
  • Clinic (preparing site)
  • Research Farm: Greenhouse and Ranch (preparing for initial phase)
  • Academy Expansion (interim expansion ongoing). Raising funds for dorm – to begin in God’s time

Leadership, Staff and Volunteers (Spirit led and protection for families)

  • Key Leaders: Kabiyesi (king), Chair: Elder Felix Ohiwerei, Exec Director: Dr James Rose, CDF NG Exec Director: Dr Eric Ighalo, ACU Consortium Co-Chair: Professor Gary Maxey
  • Board / Committee Members (US and Nigeria)
  • Staff / Missionaries
  • Volunteers

Pray for global church partnership with the Nigerian church as it fulfills the Great Commission and Great Commandment in Nigeria, where:

  • there are more poor than any other country in the world (over 40 percent of people (83 million) live in poverty (Nigeria is the most populous nation in Africa).
  • terrorism against Christians since June 2015 has resulted in four to five million Christians displaced, 11,500 Christians murdered, and 2000 churches have been destroyed. 
  • corruption in the country is assessed to be one of the worst in the world. 
  • the church continues growing rapidly (estimated to double in size by 2060)
  • churches need training and help in addressing these needs. 

Link to information on funding campaigns for projects and programs