Doing God's Work; God's Way!

How to start a GoFundMe Campaign

1) Select one of CDF’s campaigns and decide on a funding target.  Example campaigns:

2) Set up your GoFundMe campaign linked to the selected CDF campaign using the following Step by Step Guide  

  • Step 1:  Start a Campaign (“new fundraiser”)
    • If this is your first time on this page, you should not have any campaigns visible.
    • Press the “+ Start a new fundraiser” button.
  • Step 2:  Select CDF as the charity you are helping
    • The website will ask you if you are creating a fundraiser for an individual or a charity/nonprofit.
    • Since you are creating a fundraiser to benefit the Christian Development Foundation, click “A nonprofit or charity”
    • Enter your location
    • Search for Christian Development Foundation in the nonprofit search section.
    • Confirm you are choosing to benefit “Christian Development Foundation”
    • CDF is registered in Eastland, TX with EIN # 030394135
    • CDF is a verified charity on GoFundMe and all proceeds will be transferred directly to CDF.
  • Step 4:  Set up your campaign
    • Choose a title for your fundraiser.  You may choose to support one of the areas of need or create your own initiative to benefit CDF.
    • Choose a monetary goal for the fundraiser.
    • Select an image from GoFundMe or your use one of your own.  
    • Provide a description for your fundraiser.  
      • GoFundMe will automatically add some information from the description for Christian Development Foundation, but feel free to make this your own.
      • You can consider adding a link to the CDF campaign. 
  • Step 5:  Launch campaign
    • GoFundMe will ask you to read some agreements to their terms.  There will be some fees associated with the fundraiser, but these are minimal compared to the other options that we have explored.
    • If you agree to these terms, click launch!
  • Step 6:  
    • Once the fundraiser is posted, you should find a link to share on your fundraiser page. 
    • Share your link with you target group (friends, family, a prayer group, etc). 
    • GoFundMe will allow you to recruit additional people to help fundraise and has an ability for you to embed a link to your fundraiser on social media platforms like Facebook.