Imala Project:

The project involves the development of a world class Christian university, a planned community and a holistic community development program, using large scale agriculture as a means to transform Imala to a model city. The program focuses on economic empowerment using microfinance with education at the epicenter.


As part of our economic empowerment efforts, CDF provides entrepreneurship training and a microfinance for small business owners, including artisans and petty traders in Imala.


Our agricultural development effort incorporates a robust Local Farmer Development Program, which includes:  A training farm where farmers can learn and practice new techniques that can cascade back to their farms. CDF also provides financing and support services to help farmers expand revenue and learn about agro business.

Creating Microenterprise Enterprise (CME):

The CME program seeks to facilitate the growth of local businesses in Imala by creating access to resources. One of the ways CME achieves its objectives is by encouraging investors locally and globally to invest in Imala businesses.


CDF provides educational enrichment and career advancement programs for youths and adults in Imala. It does this through a variety of programs:

Our After School Program (APS) provides tutoring support in math, English and the sciences for elementary and secondary school student. APS provides Computer Based Test Preparations for students seeking college admission. Examinations include JAMB, WAEC, NECO, etc.

Computer Education: The program provides computer training for research, job readiness and entrepreneurship.

Adult Literacy: We offer adult literacy on a need basis and watch the demand for the program.

Youth Development:

Sports Academy:  CDF in collaboration with Imala Land Development Foundation (ILDF) and other Institutions to develop a model sports academy in Imala. Our objective is to use sports as a vehicle for academic, moral and spiritual development, and to develop local talent.

Film Outreach: We use films for entertainment and instruction to facilitate learning, moral and spiritual development, and community building. The program is a collaborative effort of Christian Development Foundation (CDF) and West African Theological Seminary (WATS).


Imala vanguards:

The vanguard concept is a program where community members are facilitated to self-organize to voluntarily serve their community in areas where the community has its greatest needs. In Imala we identified the areas of need as sanitation, health, maintenance and security. The idea is to create avenues for local residents to selflessly serve their community, even as they receive help through the empowerment programs. Although the community program provides training and other assistance to the vanguard groups, the local residents choose the projects to embark on and brainstorm on how to execute them. This creates opportunity for local residents to own and engage the process of developing their community.

Health Vanguards: CDF will facilitate training for volunteers and equip them with tools to serve as lay health workers, called Health Vanguards in the community. The Health Vanguards will be trained to work alongside the rural health center in Imala.  Among other things, they will help create awareness and sensitize the community towards better nutrition, personal hygiene and better use of the rural health clinic.

Security and Maintenance Vanguards: CDF will train and equip volunteers will to serve as Security and Maintenance Vanguards to protect community assets from being vandalized and promote a culture of maintaining public facilities.

Sanitation Vanguards: CDF will facilitate training for community members who volunteer to take ownership of ensuring that Imala is clean.  CDF will support the procurement of tools, such as commercial waste beings that Sanitation Vanguards may require to champion an ongoing Imala Sanitation Day.

Collaborating Organizations:

  • Imala Land Development Foundation (ILDF)
  • KPMG
  • Imala District and Decendants Union (IDDU) North America
  • Center for Leadership Development/GiveCare Project
  • West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS)

Checkout recent activities in Imala

CDF conducted a week long comprehensive training program in Community Leadership Development for 123 participants in Imala, and hosted a graduation ceremony for 75 participants that successful completed the course requirements.  CDF assisted 80 small business owners to complete loan applications to participate in its microfinance program. The business owners comprise of farmers, petty traders, artisans, etc. A loan review process was successfully conducted by GiveCare in collaboration with KPMG. CDF sponsored 19 farmers to Songhai farms in Republic of Benin on an enlightenment tour where they were exposed to integrated farming and the fundamentals of agro business.

The Omola of Imala celebrates 15 years on the throne.

Farmers are gearing up to learn new technologies and farming methods from training sessions on the demonstration farms

Local traders, artisans and farmers get ready to receive awards for microfinance loans for their businesses.

West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) organized an outdoor film show as part of the week-long celebration in honor of the Omola of Imala’s 15 years on the throne. It was an inspiring time of fellowship as many from the community came out to enjoy an evening together. 76 people gave their lives to Christ at the end of the film show.

Imala has started the preliminary operations of a sports academy for youths.

Meet our partners in development 2017

Christian Development Foundation CDF has commenced the construction of an industrial park beginning with a gari processing plant. CDF has also invested 3 million Naira in a microfinance fund for local entrepreneurs and farmers. CDF set up demonstration farms and is commencing training for farmers this month. CDF sponsored a football competition among 6 villages in Imala in honor of the Kabiyesi’s 15th year on the throne. CDF invested 800, 000 naira to complete the tiling of the palace in honor of this celebration.

KPMG in Collaboration with GiveCare provided loan review and business advisory services for 80 local residents who requested loans for business activities. GiveCare will manage the operation of the loans and in collaboration with KPMG provide financial education for loan beneficiaries.

Imala District & Descendants Union (IDDU) North America contributed medical supplies and test equipment to aid medical testings’ for CDF community programs in Imala, and for the rural health center.  Medical supplies include: One Touch ultra 2 blood sugar monitor – 2 pieces, Digital thermometer (2), Sphygmomanometer (1), One touch ultra-control solution (4), Gen Ultimate value test strips (6), Stethoscope (2) and to facilitate diabetes testing, blood pressure and basic vital signs for local residents in Imala.

Imala Land Development Foundation (ILDF) in collaboration with CDF has begun the development of a sports academy Imala. The objective is to develop local talent and to encourage the development of youth in Imala.

West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) sponsored the outdoor film show.

We thank our partners for helping Imala move a little closer to its goal of a model city!

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