Providence Academy is the first tangible step in facilitating the ACU vision. The Academy will includetraining programs for three target groups: 1) an ACU prep school where college-bound students canearn course credits from STAR University, 2) short term extended education programs for students withdegrees and 3) vocational training where lower-level students can earn certificates. The initial phasewill focus on agriculture and media / CIT with health programs added in phase 2.Land was acquired in 2018 within a 50-acre industrial park in Imala, Ogun State, 25kms west ofAbeokuta. This is a site near the anticipate ACU campus. Phase I of the academy will contain vocationaltraining facilities and student housing; a block making facility and small garri plant (photos below) wereestablished in 2018. Construction has begun on a training building including a soil lab and a chicken andpig training farms. Negotiations are underway for a water well training rig. Dormitory construction willbegin once fund raising has completed. The project is on tract for some training to begin in the comingmonths and a small resident program is planned for September 2019.Consistent with the ACU vision, the Academy will provide high-quality training with an emphasis onspiritual formation. The prep school program and key certificate programs are designed to allowstudents to fund their program through a work study program that is affordable to any student meetingthe entry criteria and is willing to make an 18-month work commitment. The Imala facility is beingdesigned for replication in a network of locations across Nigeria.Require N75M for Phase I funding ($210k). N60M for facilities plus N15M for 2019 Programso N20M ($50k) funded to date (land payment, initial facilities, program development)o See attached ppt files for Training building and Dorm drawings. Target obtaining at least N40M from Nigerian sources.This project is a key ACU consortium strategy that is interdenominational. It is supporter funded andCDF Administered. Gifts can be made to CDF in Nigeria on its 501(3)c in the USA. for more informat