Africa Christian University (ACU) is founded on the conviction that the God-ordained future of Africa is one of freedom from corruption, poverty and decadence and of transformation into a society led by men and women of Christian character and world-class performance. ACU is therefore envisioned as a large world-class evangelical Christian university providing education in the full range of academic disciplines. It is a non-profit broad-based interdenominational academic institution directed by a Governing Board made up of Christians of outstanding character and reputation.   VALUES STATEMENTS

Africa Christian University believes that it can fulfill its mission by adhering to the following values:


  1. Encouraging the highest and most uncompromising Christian, academic, financial and ethical principles, including primary allegiance to the unchanging Word of God.
  2. Providing a university where every teacher and administrator has a clear testimony of the New Birth, and where all students are expected to abide by a strict code of Christian conduct.
  3. Providing the highest quality academic and moral training available anywhere in Africa.
  4. Actively seeking to complement and support other Christian institutions by providing studies in a broader range of academic disciplines and by training faculties for other Christian universities.
  5. Infusing into African society exemplary Christian graduates who will become the moral, business, civic and academic backbone of an African Christian renaissance.